Who is marco pierre white dating

16 Mar

In last night's highlights Laura did plan to cool things down with Marco after getting booed by the crowd in the live show.However in tonight's (Sunday) episode, she and Marco get kinky as he asks her to STRANGLE him with a belt.He later become chef-patron of The Restaurant Marco Pierre White in the dining room at the former Hyde Park Hotel, where he won the third Michelin star, and then moved to the Oak Room at the Le Méridien Piccadilly Hotel.By the age of 33, White had become the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars.MR WHITE'S FRENCH ONION SOUPGruyère, croutons BRANDADE OF SMOKED MACKERELFinest quality smoked mackerel in fresh horseradish mayonnaise with toast Melba RILLETS OF DUCK AU POIVRE VERTPotted shredded duck, green peppercorns, cornichons and toasted sourdough SALAD OF BEETROOT AND GOATS' CHEESECandied walnuts, Merlot dressing (v)ROAST RUMP OF LAMB À LA DIJONNAISEHaricot verts, Dauphinoise potatoes and roasting juices 8oz RUMP 35-day agedroasted vine tomatoes, triple cooked chips and a steakhouse green salad WHEELER'S CLASSIC FISH PIEButtered garden peas GNOCCHI ALLA SORRENTINASauce Pomodoro, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella MR.White was the third of four boys born to English chef Frank White and Maria-Rosa Gallina, an Italian emigrant.We're less than a week into the series and have seen full on snogging, warnings, a break out and one housemate walking out completely.

It's a move that would be sure to cause explosions on the inside with Marco having spent the last few days seemingly attached to Laura Carter.

He caused further shock after he was seen looking dishevelled in a grey tracksuit with a beanie hat, as he seemed to stagger around while downing straight vodka directly from the bottle.

He later Tweeted saying: 'No food no water but I got a bag of shrooms.'He also shocked social media users when he stated Showing pictures of what he claimed to was cocaine, he added: 'Money long tonight but cocaine longer.'He later said: 'S***, s***, I got a lotta cocaine on me f***, that’s a f***ing lot of cocaine.

Marco, who is the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, soared to fame in his own right last summer when he appeared on the Channel 5 show, where he caused controversy after having sex with Laura Carter on screen.

Since departing the reality programme, the celebrity offspring has frequently hit headlines as he used his Snapchat account to detail what appeared to be drug binges.