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05 Feb

En español │Unless you've been living under a rock, you no doubt know that the term "cougar" no longer just applies to dangerous mountain lions.

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Society, however, hasn't exactly embraced real-life "cougars" with the same fervor as Tinseltown's producers. Also, it might be hard on your girlfriend if she senses your reluctance/uncertainty. All of my friends tell me I'm too easy and that's why guys never call me back. Even if you are nervous and say something dumb, she’ll be more forgiving than younger women, because she knows how difficult it is for a man to approach a woman he’s interested in. They look great — and they usually have sexy six-packs, stamina, and endurance. You should be proud to introduce your girlfriend as your girlfriend to both friends and family. What is it that you are offering that draws them in the first place? And do I need to say that two fingers have other uses aside from measuring shots? If a cougar is interested, you just need to start a conversation.Are you a cougar or a young man hoping to date an older woman?Cougar Dating is a worldwide casual sex dating site devoted to matching older women with the younger men who love them.