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20 May

You simply stand in front of a camera machine, and it works out your sex, ‘appearance’, age and mood – and if you agree with its choices, you can pay by tapping your mobile phone.

The camera seem to have some rather antiquated ideas about gender – so men get massive plates of chicken, while women get porridge.

In the armpits were continuous thickets, even around the nipples sticking out several volosin.

I was also neat fluffy pubis, I even prided itself silently and boldly exhibited his charms linked the boy.

Still made me laugh much hairy crotch girlfriend, she was already almost 17.

Her hair grew and thighs at the pubis and extorted out of the priests.

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In the film, Kassandra’s divinations and access to past/present/future information see her momentarily and perhaps mistakenly identify with the whistle-blowers the astrologers chart in their predictions; both live in multi-temporality (extreme knowing), and both are threatened with not only imprisonment, physical harm or rape, but worse: erasure.

Research and notes for the film are included in the text, Sex Without Threat, which registers the ubiquity of the internet-as-divination-system as a given, and considers the contemporary surveillance era alongside the calcified form of life of a mid-20th century woman, her interior self a split performance for attention and validation.

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