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25 Jan

Austin, TX -- Last July, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove, becoming the first person to capture the bizarre occult activities of the all-male elite club membership on videotape.

He adheres to the notion that the NWO will be ruled by the Antichrist, who will eventually be defeated by Jesus after the events of the Book of Revelation have taken place.

She wore a pair of skinny jeans, in black, cropped just above the ankles.

On her feet she wore white heels and she brandished some flowers and a bag that read 'Simple steps to a better night's sleep' - rather apt for a new mother.

She seems to be slipping nicely back into her role as The One Show co-host, following her three and a half month break to have a baby.

And although she's only back part-time for now, Alex Jones is throwing herself back into work, while juggling motherhood.