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10 Mar

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No reason ever released, but everyone assumes that it’s becoz Cassie won’t ever accept to see Mr. ——————– Male leads: Yoochun , Jaejoong Female lead: So Hyon Jin (she’s a former member of MILK) Male Supporting Actors: Yunho , Junsu , Changmin Broadcast Date: September 2008 (Korea) Drama Synopsis: “DATING ON EARTH” tells story about a married life of a young couple whose husband is still in high school and wife is the husband’s class advisor.

Teacher-student love story, being spiced up by a meant to be love-triangle for a new transferred student comes to their relationship.

Your most recent date and help him feel more confident in the bedroom and have. My main blog called "Dong BUY Shin Ki" is dedicated to JYJ and TVXQ unboxing and I put a lot of effort into it so I encourage you to visit it: - JYJ unboxing: official CJe S CD, album, photobook, goods, merch - TVXQ unboxing: official CD, album, and other goods I also take gif requests. Or ask anything you want :) Ex-DBSK fans, JYJ fans, DB5K fans, DB2K fans, solo fans, all welcome. They are sorted by members and all the gifs are mine.Když už tu mám popisek na překlady, rozhodla jsem se toho využít, protože povídky nejsou to jediné, co překládám.Toto byl takový můj malý letní projekt na přání mé ženy - české tituky k filmu Dating on Earth, kde najdete kompletní sestavu DBSK (a jeden naprosto yaoistický moment, kde prostě nejde dva chlapce nepárovat).