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17 Mar

(It is interesting that Andrew Carnegie, who had acquired his wealth from steel, furnished the funds for constructing a ship in which every effort was made to revolving glass domes mounted in the fore-and-aft line amid-ships.These housed the instruments for measuring magnetic elements.was designed, constructed, and operated by the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism to help conduct a world-wide study of magnetic and electrical phenomena on both land and sea.

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The seas have remained incredibly calm, again with waves normally no higher than 1 ft.However, during the last century, there has not been profound recognition of scholarly work on homosexuality in the Arab World.Only recently have scholars started to discuss the subject of gayness directly.Among what has been written on homosexuality, I chose three significant works to discuss in this section."Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian life in the Middle East" by Brian Whitaker (2006) includes interviews with gays and lesbians from the upper class living in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.