Dating ray ban sunglasses

22 Apr

To beat the heat, you find yourself in your local drive-thru, ordering the slushiest, coldest, sweetest concoction you can find. your mouth feels frozen, shooting pain through your teeth, making you regret your decision. ) Memphis summer day, and you're leaving your favorite orthodontist's office after a scheduled adjustment.Mod and hippie fashions of the '60s demanded more whimsy, and John Lennon favored tiny tinted wire-framed spectacles called "teashades." Depending on the style, sunglasses came to signal urban sophistication, nefarious intent, or inscrutable intellect.Later fashionable looks like those by Alpina, Vuarnet, and Oakley originated as protective gear for athletes.This is due to poor brushing habits or improper dental hygiene.Failure to remove plaque and buildup can break down the enamel which protects your teeth.

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Aside from the impending brain freeze, what's the cause of all the pain and panic? Although each mouth is different, having sensitive teeth is a common occurrence, affecting as many as 1 in 8 people.

This sensitivity can occur when exposing your teeth to something hotter (or colder) than normal, something sweeter (or more sour) than normal, or if you have deep cavities or exposed root surfaces.

The "Ray-Ban aviator" style became synonymous with Ray-Ban, never more so than when General Douglas Mac Arthur landed on the beach in the Philippines during World War II and was photographed wearing Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses featured Bausch & Lomb mineral glass lenses in a shape that covered 2 to 3 times the area of the eye, and they were popular with both traditional ear stems and "paddle" ear pads as well as curved wire "Outdoorsman" or "Shooter" ear stems that looped around the ears and secured the fit in even the most active conditions.