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29 Mar

When it comes to understanding men, there are two important things I want you to know.

Because I find that it’s very easy to forget all the little details and everything else when you are stressed out or upset about your dating and relationship issues.

As women we read other meanings into things and think: No. In a similar vein, we think our boyfriend or husband didn’t do that thing for us because he doesn’t love us enough or care enough.

But really, it’s because he didn’t hear our request in a way that would impel him to go do it for us.

Let this specially-chosen list (determined over more than a decade of hands-on research), along with links to full, in-depth and unbiased reviews, help you decide.

Her company, Middleclass Matchmaker seeks to connect middle-class professionals going through life sans a partner.As a result of the double standard, she says men who have experienced same-sex relationships or consider themselves bisexual are forced to lie or simply give up dating women.Instead of totally running at the first sign of a same-sex past, Primus suggests women have an open dialogue with a potential partner to determine if he is still in that lifestyle or not before totally writing him off.And it’s helpful to remember these basics before you make decisions you will regret when things aren’t going right.Before giving you the five insights into men — (click here to take the quiz on “How Feminine Am I Actually?