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18 May

11-5-2017 · This article tells you about the compliments you need to give your girlfriend.

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Inconsistencies in navigation and design made it difficult to move from one to another.

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Most Indiatimes users couldn't recognize the 70 different websites as being connected to one another.Of All The Places In The World Ivanka Trump Finds Women Empowerment In Saudi 'Very Encouraging' Trump Does The Saudi Sword Dance With A Big Smile On Face, On First Foreign Trip To Middle-East Melania Trump Liked A Tweet Mocking Her Relationship With Donald Trump, Internet Thinks It's A Cry For Help Saudi Man Names His Newborn After Ivanka Trump In Honour Of The US President Instead Of Duping Air India & Other Airlines, This Ethical Indian Hacker Decided To...17-Year-Old Odisha Boy Devised Technique To Produce Electricity From Scrapped Rs 500...Even savvy users were unable to easily navigate these sites – which included email, movies, astrology, blogs, dating and chat, as well as e-commerce sites for travel, shopping and mobile value-added services.Moreover, the channel sites faced steep competition from all directions.