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25 Apr

Whether it’s snowshoeing at the Loppet Festival, having beers outside at the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival, or snow tubing at Buck Hill, the cold weather just can't cool off our dating lives. We’re polite Midwesterners, which means we must be boring in bed, right? From our iconic sex shop, Sex World, to the surprising number of gentlemen’s clubs, and the progressive female-oriented Smitten Kitten, people from the Twin Cities know how to keep things interesting between the sheets.Our local restaurant and beer scene is very impressive.She had enough, she says, when a boyfriend slapped her across the face while she cradled her nine-month-old child.

Clark went to Foster's bedroom and returned with drugs and money. Soon thereafter, Clark entered the bathroom briefly to reassure B. “that everything was going to be all right.”Clark returned to the bathroom several minutes later and said, “Foster, do you care if I fuck your bitch? B.'s pajama pants to her ankles, and vaginally raped her for approximately 10 minutes. And three out of five will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.Lisa says she too is a victim of rape and sexual assault.At Clark's trial, the state introduced over Clark's objection three recorded interviews between Clark and the police. While spending time at Foster's apartment, Clark apparently observed Foster's drug dealer, “Taboo,” packaging heroin for sale and selling heroin to Foster. In the first and second interviews, Clark denied involvement in the charged offenses. Clark's trial testimony was largely consistent with his statements during the third interview and directly opposed to the testimony of B. On appeal, Clark argues that the district court erred on several grounds when it admitted the recorded interviews and when it admitted, for substantive purposes, Clark's prior conviction for criminal sexual conduct. Appellant Courtney Bernard Clark was indicted in Ramsey County for the murder of Rodney Foster and attempted murder of Foster's girlfriend, B. Clark pleaded not guilty to all eight counts of the indictment. Clark also spent time getting high with Foster and B.