Sphinx dating controversy

20 Apr

The Sphinx is not built with quarried blocks like the pyramids and temples it guards, but carved out of the living bedrock.Its makers gave it a man's head (some say it's a woman) and the body of a lion.Obviously, if the limestone cores (originating from the Sphinx ditch) of the temples predate the granite ashlars (granite facings), and the granite ashlars are attributable to Khafre of the Fourth Dynasty, then the Great Sphinx was built prior to the reign of Khafre." Colin Reader, a British geologist, agrees that the suggested evidence of weathering indicates prolonged water erosion.Reader found, inter alia, that the flow of rainwater causing the weathering had been stemmed by the construction of 'Khufu's quarries', which lie directly "upstream" of the Sphinx enclosure, and therefore concludes that the Sphinx must predate the reign of Khufu (2589 – 2566 BC), and certainly Khafra, by several hundred years.

How these pyramids were built is a source of speculation and debate.

He has stood in the shadow of this great statue many a time since he started visiting Egypt some thirty years ago.

To him the Sphinx had always appeared as a monument apart, and much, much older than anything else he had seen either at Giza or elsewhere.

This name is given to royal statues of the Fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt (2575–2467 BC) and later in the New Kingdom (c.

1570–1070 BC) to the Great Sphinx more specifically., English: The Terrifying One).